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My Grandfather Always Said Never Buy Cheap Shoes Or A Cheap Mattress!

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We are not in the shoe business, but I still took heed of what my grandfather meant. We hope you will too. Simply put, he said if you want to be a performer in life you must take care of these two vital areas that many people give little more than a passing thought to. Taking care of your feet and getting a good night sleep affect many more things in our lives than most of us can ever imagine.

Our choice for Orthopedic mattresses is Therapedic which is a division of Old West Mattress Company based here in Colorado. Old West Mattress Company has been widely recognized for its innovative mattresses and sleep sets. We offer several quality levels ALL far below retail.

We have “sample” models set up on display in our Design Center for your trial convenience.

Feel free to click the Old West Logo above to learn more about all that is offered through Old West Mattress Company or feel free to call 303-979-1200 for more details.

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